Colin Lunsky

Designation: Broker

Company: HTI Insurance Brokers

Q. Did insurance choose you, or did you choose a career in insurance?

A. Insurance chose me! I left the British Navy to come back to South Africa and start a worm farm. It was an idea that I had stumbled on in Wales, where they export Japanese worms across the globe. Whilst I was looking for the perfect location, I needed a job. So, I started working as a clerk for a marine UMA and since then, I have never looked back.

Q. Why did you enter The Insurance Apprentice and what do you hope to gain out of it?

A. I was chosen to enter The Insurance Apprentice. However, once I started doing some research and watching the past episodes I realised that it would be a fantastic opportunity to grow and develop. I now look forward to being taken out of my comfort zone and tested, to meeting some incredible people (I know that from watching their videos) and being exposed to different sectors of the market.