Kishan Vanmali

Designation: Operations Manager

Company: Marsh Africa

Q. Did insurance choose you, or did you choose a career in insurance?

A. A bit of both, to be honest. I initially looked to get into Financial Risk Management but when I got an opportunity to join a short term insurance broker, I took the leap. Once you enter the industry you realize that whether insurance chose you or vice versa, you probably ended up where you were meant to be. I am glad that I chose ‘to be chosen’ by the insurance industry.

Q. Why did you enter The Insurance Apprentice and what do you hope to gain out of it?

A. I entered The Insurance Apprentice for a chance to challenge myself across the various spectrums that the insurance industry offers. This experience offers the opportunity for growth and learning, while taking you out of your comfort zone. I also entered in the hope that people begin to share my passion and enthusiasm for the work the industry does. I hope to gain exposure and learn new skills relevant to the industry. Hopefully, I can also prove to myself that I am up there with some of the brightest young talent the industry has to offer.