Mitesh Lakha.jpg

Mitesh Lakha

Designation: Distribution Associate Specialist

Company: Discovery Insure

Q. Did insurance choose you, or did you choose a career in insurance?

A. I chose insurance! I began my tertiary studies doing a general BCom in Law, Human Resource Management and Insurance Risk Management and instantly fell in love with insurance. It is something that I have never looked back on and I am as excited and engaged today, as I was nine years ago when I made the decision to pursue studies in this field.

Q. Why did you enter The Insurance Apprentice and what do you hope to gain out of it?

A. I entered The Insurance Apprentice to be an ambassador for our industry, for our people. I will use this platform to bring zest to this industry and to be the voice of our people. I will engage various stakeholders to create value, bring together and develop people, and harness all the passion of our industry to drive us forward into this ever-evolving and dynamic landscape.